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Giving of Your Time and Your Talents

It takes many people working together to provide services and support for our participants. Dedicated volunteers make a difference. They extend and enhance the time and talents of our organization in meeting participant needs. Every contribution is valuable. We work with you to match your time and talent to the ongoing needs of HOPE Family Services.

The following list is simply a few ideas. Many volunteers come to HOPE with a particular talent or project in mind that makes life better for our residents and clients. If you have a specific interest, please contact HOPE’s volunteer coordinator by phone (941) 747-8499 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your idea.

Administrative / Special Projects

  • Helpline Counselors
  • Holiday Help
  • The HOPE Chest, Customer Service Specialist
  • Pick-Up/Delivery Volunteers
  • Maintenance & Gardening

Children's Programs

  • Kiddie Care Club
  • Give Toys
  • Children’s Department Needs

Shelter Needs

  • Create Welcome Baskets for Incoming Residents
  • Give a Bag Of Groceries
  • Sponsor a Family or an Activity
  • Donate Gift Certificates

DCF Core Competency

Core Competency is required for any direct services with clients and/or children.

Trained Volunteer Programs

What is Core Competency Training?

The State of Florida has created a 24-hour training course (plus 6 hours on the job training) called Core Competency. If you wish to work directly with our participants, it is mandatory to train you using the State curriculum. By taking Core Competency and passing the written test, you receive certification and the knowledge necessary to work in the field of domestic violence. You will also receive “privileged” status, meaning any information shared between you and a participant will be held confidential.

How much does Core Competency cost?

The course is free for those who volunteer.

How often is Core Competency offered? How long is it?

The course is offered as needed. Core Competency is a total of 30 hours of training, 24 hours of classroom, and 6 hours on the job.