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Black & White 2021 - Thank You!

Black & White 2021 - Thank You!

HOPE’s Night in Monte Carlo exceeded our expectations even though there were half the number of guests, no live auction or 50/50 raffle. The guests were beautiful, handsome, smiling but most of all, incredibly generous. We heard comments like, “This is the most fun we’ve had at a Black & White event,” or “What a beautiful and organized event,” and, “It’s great knowing HOPE is here when someone needs help” by Board and staff members throughout the evening. All we can say is Thank You!

Thank you to the Board of Directors lead by Co-Chairs, Michelle Cross and Katie Williams, who spearheaded the annual fundraiser, thank you to the staff members who turn out each year to make sure the event happens as seamlessly as possible and THANK YOU to you, our guests who came out to support survivors of domestic violence.

The pandemic has been anything but kind to victims and survivors of domestic violence. The number of incidents of domestic violence have skyrocketed and staff at HOPE have been stretched beyond all expectations. At our peak, we had nine hotel rooms while juggling a shelter at capacity with 11 families. Imagine if we didn’t have the money for the rooms and the callers were turned away due to a lack of resources. Would the homicide rate in our community skyrocket as well?

Home is not safe for everyone. Imagine if being locked in your home with someone who wants to hurt you and feeling as if there’s no way out. We’ve added a text line so those who need us can “reach out for help, without saying a word” day or night. Simply text the word survivor to 69922 and you’ll be silently chatting with a person who can help you organize a plan to stay safe. We couldn’t have done this without the support of the community.

Those suffering from domestic violence are safer thanks to our generous community, the community is stronger thanks to HOPE and HOPE is resilient thanks to you – our generous donors and supporters to whom we owe all our heartfelt appreciation. On behalf of those whose lives you’ve touched, again, I have to say thank you!

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