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HOPE’S 2020 Holiday Recap 

HOPE’S 2020 Holiday Recap 

HOPE’S 2020 Holiday Recap 

During the holidays, HOPE’s staff and volunteers work hard to ensure a festive atmosphere for the families who come to us for safety. The community was invited to participate in several projects that have a positive impact on the lives of survivors and their families and remind them there are people who care, which helps healing during what can often be a difficult time of year. Despite the uncertainty of 2020,  residents and participants were fortunate to have an outpouring of support for our annual holiday campaign. It was a glorious holiday season!


Our holiday projects included: 

Embrace-A-Family 2020: 151 individuals in total (45 families | 106 children) 

The Embrace -A-Family project invited families, neighbors, community groups, and co-workers to come together to embrace HOPE families by purchasing specific items from survivors’ wish lists. We’d like to give a special shout out to our friends at Peach’s Restaurants. They embraced 17 families, including 30 children! Well done Peaches, well done!


The Holiday Gift Shop 2020: 380 individuals in total (117 families | 263 children) 

Our Holiday Gift Shop gave participants a sense of excitement; each participant had the opportunity to shop for their children, free of charge. These gifts ensured survivors experienced the joy of providing for the youngest family members and made their holidays safe and happy. The children had the special opportunity of surprising their moms with gifts from our mom’s store too.  It was so much fun to help children learn the gift of caring for someone else.


Total Impact of 2020 Holiday Projects: 531 individuals! (162 families | 369 children)

On behalf of the survivors we serve, thank you for opening your hearts to support HOPE’s annual holiday projects. Every gift given helped the holidays become more joyful. Remember, together there is HOPE. 


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The photos below are a few thank you cards from our HOPE families!

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