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September: HOPE Hero

September HOPE Hero: Jim

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About our HOPE Hero:

Jim grew up in Dover, New Hampshire, and graduated from Dover High School.  He moved to Florida seven years ago and began helping at HOPE Chest by organizing and rearranging the furniture department and helping unload and load furniture donations. He continues to volunteer at HOPE Chest to help make an impact on survivors of domestic violence. 


What have you learned while volunteering with HOPE?

The number one takeaway for me has been how nice it feels to help others. 


What advice would you give to a future volunteer or employee?

If you have spare time and want to help others, HOPE Chest is the place to volunteer! The rewards are much greater than expected.


What motivates you to volunteer with this organization? 

Once I started volunteering, I got to meet the other wonderful volunteers and staff, now they are my Florida family! I have never met such wonderful people!


Tell us about your most memorable accomplishment with this organization.

The very first time I had a client who was so grateful for our help, she cried. It made me so happy to help!


Describe the most incredible view you've ever seen

My daughter being handed to me after her birth. 


What would your pet say about you if we asked for a reference?

She would say I’m reliable and that I take care of my loved ones and my responsibilities.


What’s your pizza order?

Oma's Pizza and Italian Restuarant's white pizza!


We truly appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to our mission! 


Hope Admin